Advanced/Basic email - intermittent issues with Webmail Thursday 1st August 2019 04:20:00

Last update:

2:30 PM EST: This incident has been resolved. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding, we will be monitoring the behaviour and update this case if necessary.

Previous updates:

1:30 PM EST: Our operations team has isolated the issue to faulty routing with the upstream network. The number of impacted users should start decreasing.

12:30 PM EST: Our operations teams are continuing to work to resolve the impact of the interruptions which seem to reside outside of our network. Thank you for your patience, and as we receive additional information we will post more details. We appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.

10:30 AM EST: Operations team is still investigating the issue. They determined it is outside of our network and our services are fully functional for most of our customers. Only the connections from certain ISP(Internet Service Providers) within Europe and Australia are not reaching our data centers.

8:30 AM EST: We are waiting news from the system engineers in regards to this matter. Thank you for your patience.

6:30 AM EST: The issue is related to a connection between Europe/Australia and our data centers in North America. We have escalated the issue, however we don’t have an estimate when it will be resolved. This thread will be updated regularly until the issue is fully resolved.

4:30 AM EST/ We are currently experiencing sporadic issues with access to We are investigating this matter with the help of our system engineers.